Fiberglass Commercial Sand Filter




  • Commercial filter is manufactured with special resins as
    anti corrosive coating to work against any chemicals.
    Also suitable for salted pools
  • Fiberglass Bobbin wound tank, UV and corrosion resistant.
  • Manual Air Release valve and air tube enables easy release of trapped air during operations and testing.
  • Sight glass 3inch and manhole 300 x 400mm are available as options.
  • Lateral configuration for maximum hydraulic performance.
  • Nozzle plate system ensures uniform flow for both filtering and backwashing, ensuring maximum performance through the media bed. Save up to 25% of backwash water.






  • Lateral and nozzle plate are available in option.
  • Maximum working pressure: 2.5 bar (4.0 bar available on request).
  • Factory testing pressure: 4.0 bar or 6.0 bar.
  • Size of gravel: 1 mm – 2 mm.