Pool Filler




  • Water level regulator is installed near to the pool and connected
    to the pool through a pipe Ø50 mm (Metric model)
    or 1 ½” (Imperial model).
  • The fresh water pipes connection is Ø 20 mm or 3/4″ BSP.
    Maximum working pressure is 2.5 bar. If more pressure expected
    suggest to use pressure reducing valves.




  • Water level regulator allows fresh water to refill the pool when the
    pool water level is low due to evaporation, water loses for the
    bathers, etc.
  • A float in the water level regulator is connected to the fresh water
    source through a valve. When the pool water level is low, the float
    is at a low position and opens the valve letting the fresh water
    come in. Once the float position reaches to the maximum water
    level, it closes the valve.