Automatic Chlorinator Brominated In-Line Model




  • Connection 1.5″ Screw thread
  • Max pressure 4kg/cm2
  • Max capacity 4.5kg
  • Max dosage Chlorine – 35gr/hr
  • Max dosage Bromine 2gr/hr
  • Recommended Pool Size Chlorine 20-80m3
  • Recommended Pool Size Bromine 4-50m 3




  • The chemical dosing unit has been designed for installation in the pool’s return line for use with slow dissolving Tri-chlorine or Bromine tablets.
  • The quantity of sanitizer is quickly adjusted to give the required residual by way of the easy to use inlet valve.
  • To avoid the build-up of gasses being trapped inside the feeder when the pump is shut off, it must be installed above water level and below the filter outlet.
  • The manufacturer strongly recommends the installation of a non-return valve to protect the plant room from chemical attack, should the situation arise where water siphons back through the system.