Cover Roller




  • A frame for stability and ruggedness.                                                     
  •  SS shaft of 63mm dia to hold long length pool cover without deforming.     
  • Manual single handle with bearing makes the roller handling easy.
  • Adjustable screw/ flange to position roller intact.
  • 10 heavy duty wheel with lock for easy mobility.
  • Ropes & connection kit included.
  • SKF bearing for long life & rust free.
  • Crank Handle allows cover and uncover the pool.




  • The Stationary Pool Roller is made from high grade, 316 stainless steel and is ideal for medium pools upto 4m wide by 12m long to large pools upto 6.5m wide by 30m long.
  • Rugged design ensures no bending or sagging of roller
    possible due to weight of cover with or without water
  • Bottom locking tubes further enhances the quality
    against sagging.