Skimmer standard – concrete pools




  • 1″ vertical adjustment to accommodate construction variances.
  • To remove the auxiliary ports drill a small pilot hole in the center of the knock out. Then using a drill up to, but not exceeding, 3/4″ remove the remaining material.
  • For full flow adjustment move flow control slide plate to full open. To reduce flow, move slide plate across pump outlet as needed.




  • Skimmer is ideally suited for pools where a full-size,residential performance, ABS Skimmer is desired.
  • The corrosion proof series, Skimmer features a self-adjusting weir, large debris basket, flow control slide valve and auxiliary overflow port, multiple plumbing options allow for 50mm slip, 1-1/2″ MTA and 2″ FTA includes a vacuum plate for manual vacuuming of the pool with debris collected in the basket.