Jet Swim Motion




  • Stainless steel front En 1 .4404
  • New flow technology with two oval nozzles
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Modern and minimalistic design
  • Pneumatic start button
  • Meets the requirements of pool standards
  • EN16582 and EN16713
  • Bronze pump with high quality motor (class IE3)




  • Jet Swim Motion is made of acid-proof stainless steel EN 1 .4404 and has a completely new flow technique with two oval nozzles, of which the lower is directed downward for a more even distribution of the streams. This provides a much more natural swimming technique compared to most counter-current units available on the market.
  • With a motor power of 2.2 kW and with jet streams of 46 m3/h, you can easily exercise your strength and physical fitness. Jet Swim Motion is started by pressing a pushbutton on the front. The air mixture in the jet streams are adjusted seamlessly in order to suit your personal requirements. In its modern minimalistic design, a discreet handle is hidden and integrated in the front.