VGE Pro UV INOX System




  • The high quality 316L stainless steel reactor of the VGE Pro INOX series have been designed to perform.
  • After the high quality welding process the units are leak tested.
  • After this process they get a pickling and passivation treatment which drastically improves the
    corrosion resistance and lifetime of the unit.
  • Another last treatment with glass pearls (shot peening) gives the units a nice, matt grey surface.




  • For the VGE Pro UV-c systems different control units are available, knowing: Basic, control timer, control monitor and control monitor Plus. The Basic version is suited with an electronic ballast to drive the lamp(s).
  • The control timer has additionally a LED display for showing the operational lamp hours. The control monitor has a colour display and an optional UV sensor can be connected for monitoring the treatment process.
  • The most complete control panel is the control monitor Plus. A UV sensor, temperature sensor and a flow switch can be connected and the control unit has alarm and warning functions built-in.