Commercial Heat Pump




  • LCD or colorful LED controller for options.
  • Super power failure memory.
  • Flow switch built-in to avoid the low level water or devoid of water.
  • Advanced technology to mute noise from compressors and fans.
  • Heating and cooling with reversible defrosting.
  • Guages installed to read pressure of refrigerant, which is an added advantage & monitor compressors.
  • Remote and intelligent controller design with Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display for options.





  • Patented high-performance titanium exchanger has more stable performance and greatly resists erosion of chlorine ion water, solid and durable.
  • Exterior is powder coated mild steel corrosion resistant casing material.
  • By using high-heat exchanger technology, 65-80% of running cost can be saved compared with other heating machines. It consumes 1 kw to produce about 5.5 kw heating capacity, possessing high COP.