MidiHeat 18-72kW




  • For the optimal safety and in accordance with applicable electrical safety standards MidiHeat has two built-in contactors for each heating element.
  • A built-in flow switch and an overheating protection accompanied by an external input for pool water circulation.
  • Connections for bonding of Ø 63 mm tube. Minimum Flow 170 I/min. Max flow 300 I/min. Max pressure: 2 bar.
  • MidiHeat functions extremely well in fresh water pools and in pools fitted with a salt chlorinator.
  • MidiHeat is also available in an analog version.





  • MidiHeat is manufactured from materials of the highest quality.
  • The casing made of powder coated zinc sheet not only gives the product a very stable construction, it also makes the product highly resistant against corrosion.
  • MidiHeat has a temperature range of 8-45oC.
  • Heating elements of titanium does not only make the heating highly effective, it also makes the heating element fully corrosion free.