Aqua Compact 3-18 kw




  • Electric heater made of berglass reinforced thermoplastic .
  • Housing of thermoplastic .
  • Horizontal installation, eliminates air pockets and damage to the electric heating element.
  • Heating elements of titanium.
  • Equipped with overheating cut out and flow switch
  • Slip connections for bonding of Ø 50 mm pipes





  • Electric heater made of thermoplastic for extra strength. Heating element made of Incoloy 825 or titanium for extra safety in installations where there is a high risk of corrosion, e.g. salt water pools.
  • Supplied with a thermostat for adjusting pool temperature as well as overheating cut out and flow switch.
  • Minimum flow 90 I/ min.
  • Max. pressure: 2.5 bar.
  • Suitable for private pools UP to 100 m3