Undercover Ladder




  • Aqvastar 1 .7″/42mm ladders are now supplied with stainless steel anti – slip threads as standard as well as the new Aqvastar 1.7″/42mm pinch anchor provides a secure sturdy installation on all types of pool surround.
  • All 1.7″/42mm ladders are now manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel as standard, 316 grade stainless steel model are available on request with long lead time.
  • Suitable for concrete & liner pools.
  • Ladders come with Double top threaded steps on overflow & under cover ladder.
  • Also double thread available as spare for other ladders at extra cost.





  • Standard models are directly coupled to electric motors which also manufactured for AQVASTAR.
  • Standard motors are MIO pole, totally enclosed air cooled, continuous duty rated, IP 55 protected, class F insulation, and meet the CEI 2/3 1988 specification.
  • AQVASTAR is convinced that minimum cost of ownership is of paramount importance.
  • Using the latest technology in design, manufacturing and testing to achieve maximum performance with minimum energy input.